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Turning Life Wisdom into Business Success


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In this LinkedIn Learning course, corporate expert and Silicon Valley icon Guy Kawasaki shares practical advice for building a productive and meaningful career.


Turning Life Wisdom into Business Success

Turning Life Wisdom into Business Success

by genConnectU


We live in a competitive world where only a few people can revel in fame and success. Being daring and hard-working are the two attributes that can bring you to the forefront of the race to prosperity.

Guy Kawasaki is the chief corporate evangelist at online graphic design company Canva. He's also worked as an advisor to Motorola, Apple, and other successful businesses. In this course, Kawasaki reflects on the wide range of experiences that have enlightened and inspired him, both from his personal and professional life.

By distilling the lessons he's learned, Kawasaki provides guidance on how to live your best life, both professionally and personally.

Favorite quote

If you're in a game that you cannot win, if the odds are stacked against you — change the game.

- Guy Kawasaki

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