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Tribes turns you from a sheep into a heretic by giving you the tools to start your own tribe, explaining why they're the future of business and showing you that you too can be a leader.




by Seth Godin


If you could base your entire efforts at business on just one author's books, pick Seth Godin. Not only because 18 of his books are bestsellers, but because the way he does business is based entirely on honesty, hard work, and a positive spirit with a drive to change the world.

Tribes is no different. Published almost a decade after Permission Marketing, this book explains how the internet has made it possible for an ancient phenomenon – the development and growth of tribes – to take place anywhere in the world, all the time.

We're all part of plenty of tribes without even realizing it. There's our work tribe, our family tribe, our carpooling tribe, and our soccer tribe. But now, there's also the disc golf Facebook group tribe, the Barack Obama email newsletter tribe, and the inspirational quotes Instagram tribe. Starting a tribe is now something anyone can do - and you should too.

Favorite quote

The secret of leadership is simple: do what you believe in. Paint a picture of the future. Go there. People will follow.

- Seth Godin

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