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Transitioning from Manager to Leader

Sara Canaday

5 mins

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In this course, executive coach Sara Canaday shares tried-and-tested strategies for making a bigger impact through shifting from manager to leader.


Transitioning from Manager to Leader

Transitioning from Manager to Leader

by Sara Canaday


Managing people and leading people are very different skills. Management is task-oriented and requires discipline, focus, work ethic, and knowledge. Leadership, on the other hand, requires strategic thinking, innovation, and the ability to inspire and influence.

In this course, executive coach Sara Canaday provides tried-and-tested, actionable recommendations for boosting self-awareness, practicing emotional intelligence, and cultivating an executive presence. Canaday explores how self-improvement can help us develop and nurture new and old relationships, understand and manage our impact on others, and develop future leaders within our teams.

Favorite quote

Leaders ... influence and inspire. They strategize and set the agenda. They cultivate talent, engage their stakeholders, and build powerhouse teams. The mindset is different.

- Sara Canaday

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