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Tom Brady

Clayton Geoffreys

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This biography of one of the best football players of all time dives deep into Tom Brady's career: the incredible wins, the devastating losses, and the legacy he will leave behind.


Tom Brady

Tom Brady

by Clayton Geoffreys


Tom Brady, commonly referred to as the greatest of all time or 'the GOAT,' is one of the most acclaimed football quarterbacks ever. As of 2022, Brady has seven Super Bowl wins – blowing away the four-win record – and has broken numerous other records with his accomplishments. Brady is the oldest player ever to win the Super Bowl, which speaks to his long-lasting abilities, even into his forties.

Clayton Geoffreys is a bestselling author who has penned numerous biographies on other great sportspeople in the worlds of football, basketball, baseball, and tennis. In this book, Geoffreys breaks down Brady's career season by season, capturing the wins and the losses that led to the Super Bowl champion achieving football greatness.

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Tom Brady will stand the test of time as a man of extraordinary talent who has also worked incredibly hard for the success he enjoys. If you want proof, just look at the accolades and the numbers.

- Clayton Geoffreys

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