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TinaBy Daniel Lindsay, T.J. Martin

In a Nutshell

Tina Turner's musical career and life are defined by strength and resilience. In HBO Original documentary TINA, she vulnerably shares the darkest parts of her story and her deep yearning for real love.

Favorite quote

I had an abusive life. There's no other way to tell the story. It's a reality. It's a truth. That's what you got, so you have to accept it.

Tina Turner


Before she was Tina Turner, the world-acclaimed pop star, she was Anna Mae Bullock from Nutbush, Tennessee. Bullock grew up on a farm during the 1940s and recalls picking cotton with her family as a child. At a young age, she'd already experienced loss, abandonment, and racism.

She skyrocketed to success in the music world as part of Ike & Tina Turner, an iconic R&B duo in the 1960s and 1970s. Tina was the lead singer while her husband Ike was the musical 'mastermind.' Behind closed doors, however, her husband was abusive. After her divorce, the only thing she chose to keep from her marriage was her name.

TINA, an HBO documentary directed by Dan Lindsay and T.J. Martin, is the story of her survival from abuse, liberation, and her reinvention as a solo artist. Now in a happy relationship with Erwin Bach, Turner delivers a heartwarming lesson on the healing power of love and the importance of mindfulness in spite of fame.

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    Although Ike Turner played a role in Tina Turner's star status, his violence deeply damaged her
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