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Time Management for Life: How to Take Control of Your Time

Liz Makin

5 mins

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Time Management For Life offers an insight into time management that will help us understand our own challenges, with more than 50 productivity tips, tools, and strategies to develop a personalized time management action plan.


Time Management for Life: How to Take Control of Your Time

Time Management for Life: How to Take Control of Your Time

by Liz Makin


Poor time management can bring us a real struggle. The inability to complete all our tasks on time can be frustrating and disappointing. It can make us feel that we are letting ourselves down. These situations affect us emotionally and take a negative impact on our performance or eventually our mental health.

Liz Makin is an experienced business coach, mentor, and stress management consultant with 25 years of experience in senior management as well as a Master's degree in Coaching and Behavioral Change Since 2002, Makin has owned the business Make It Happen - Coaching, Mentoring and Stress management, supporting clients to upgrade the performance of their business and improve their own personal performance.

Through this course, Time Management For Life, Makin shares her accumulated experience and knowledge with practical strategies, tips, and tools to help us set priorities and meet deadlines. The lessons here will help avoid procrastination and multitasking without stressing and worrying. By completing the exercises this course offers, we can gain an insight into our time managing challenges.

Favorite quote

Poor time management can result in you working longer hours to get your work completed, or spending much more time than necessary on tasks outside of work, resulting in tiredness, stress, burnout, poor health and less time for your personal life.

- Liz Makin

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