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Time Buys TimeBy La Porschia Dephyne

In a Nutshell

Learn how to get out of the way of yourself in order to maximize time through healthy shadow work, meditation, nutrition, and fitness!

Favorite Quote

Time is consumed by decisions, our decisions are made by emotions … Therefore, you must break your mental to become your slave!

La Porschia Dephyne


What's keeping most people in the way of themselves?

My name is La Porschia Dephyne. I derived the concept of 'Time Buys Time' during the COVID-19 pandemic when the world was shut down.

During this time, I realized how much time people were wasting on frivolous things. It was clear that people were lost and had no clue how significant the time of quarantine was.

Everyone had time to reevaluate and reinvent themselves without time restraints or feeling like they were 'missing out' on fun.

If you used your time sufficiently and effectively during the pandemic, you bought yourself a huge amount of time when the world reopened.

Time is consumed by decisions, decisions are made by emotions, and emotions are tied heavily to mindset.

The Time Buys Time platform helps individuals begin a pursuit of self through healthy meditation, shadow work, nutrition, and fitness, enabling them to fully cleanse and leaving them feeling lighter, so they can produce more motivational energy to live the best life possible!

Here are the 3 key insights from this Hack

  1. 1.
    Daily meditation and shadow work can help us create motivational energy
  2. 2.
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