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Thrivers describes the seven most important character traits that make or break one's potential for success and happiness, through data collected from interviews of 100 young and thriving people.




by Michele Borber


Have you ever wondered what makes the difference between a happy person and an unfulfilled one? Our childhoods have a huge impact on the way we apprehend life and walk through it as adults. The attitude of a child says a lot about their future, so it's important for children to cultivate an attitude of success.

Michele Borba is an educational psychologist and contributor to the Today show. After studying the cases of 100 successful and happy young people from all over the world and researching the science behind happiness, Dr. Borba has discovered seven traits that make a successful, happy person. They're not what you might think.

Thrivers is a book that examines what it takes for youngsters to succeed, from discipline and hard work to optimism, self-love and fulfilling relationships. Are you ready to help your children become their best selves?

Favorite quote

Character is what builds inner strength, genuineness, and wholeness and helps turn kids who strive for the next gold ring into young adults who thrive in a fast-paced, ever-changing world.

- Michele Borba

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