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This Is Your Brain on Pollution

Freakonomics Radio, Stephen Dubner

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In this August 2021 episode of Freakonomics Radio, economists and environmentalists examine the potential effects of air pollution on cognitive function.


This Is Your Brain on Pollution

This Is Your Brain on Pollution

by Freakonomics Radio


Air pollution is well-known for its harmful long-term health effects on the human body. Is it possible that pollution emissions can also have a dangerous impact on human brains and their capacity for thinking?

The Freakonomics Radio podcast educates listeners on critical topics that rarely get the attention they deserve through interviews with academics, policymakers, Nobel laureates, and more. In the August 2021 episode, This is Your Brain on Pollution, podcast host and co-author of the Freakonomics books, Stephen Dubner, interviews experts specializing in environmental economics and climate change policy. The episode follows prominent studies which reveal pollution's potential long-term negative effects on the brain.

Favorite quote

The evidence for pollution's impact … is so persuasive that it's hard to imagine any right-minded human not wanting to fight that fight.

- Stephen Dubner

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