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This Is Marketing

Seth Godin

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This Is Marketing argues that marketing success in today's world comes from focusing more on the needs, values, and desires of our target audience, rather than spamming as many people as possible with our message.


This Is Marketing

This Is Marketing

by Seth Godin


Advertizing as we've known it in the past is dead. Most companies, when they think of marketing, assume it means ads. Trying to get their product or service in front of as many eyes as possible feels like the obvious answer to needing more sales. But with the information age, it's time for a broader and more accurate understanding of what marketing really means.

Seth Godin is well acquainted with marketing and business principles. He has also founded two companies and authored 18 books about economics, marketing, optimization – and many more entrepreneurial subjects.

In This Is Marketing, Godin debunks most misconceptions surrounding marketing. More importantly, he teaches the principles that will help almost any company successfully make it through the competitive world of marketing.

Favorite quote

Persistent, consistent, and frequent stories, delivered to an aligned audience, will earn attention, trust and action.

- Seth Godin

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