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The Worry-Free Mind

Carol Kershaw, Bill Wade

5 mins

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The Worry-Free Mind helps free us of the shackles of all types of anxieties, identifying where they come from and what steps we can take to regain control of our thinking patterns.


The Worry-Free Mind

The Worry-Free Mind

by Carol Kershaw


In today's world, we've got a lot to worry about. Whether it's school, finances, relationships, work, or world crises, there always seems to be something we are stressing over. In fact, worrying is natural, a brain response our ancestors developed to deal with life-or-death situations. But now that we don't have to deal with saber-tooth tigers, how can we keep from living our lives in a cycle of stress?

As co-directors of the Milton H. Erickson Institute of Houston, psychologist husband and wife team Bill Wade and Carol Kershaw have valuable insights from their years of clinical experience on how we can train our brains to stop worrying all the time. The practical tips in The Worry-Free Mind can help us start enjoying our lives, putting us on a more positive track.

Favorite quote

With practice, we can rewire your brain.

- Carol Kershaw and Bill Wade

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