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The Woman They Could Not Silence

Kate Moore

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Best-selling author Kate Moore explores the cruel imprisonment of women's rights activist Elizabeth Packard and her extraordinary fight for personal freedom and gender equality.


The Woman They Could Not Silence

The Woman They Could Not Silence

by Kate Moore


Elizabeth Packard lived in a world that expected women to conform. Packard's husband was a preacher, but his resentment of her mind and charisma set off a campaign of abuse, false accusations of insanity, and imprisonment in a mental hospital. Although Packard received little praise in her lifetime, her impact on the women's rights movement has been profound.

Kate Moore is a bestselling author and a writer for the Sunday Times. The Woman They Could Not Silence draws on Moore's expertise in politics and hidden figures in history to uncover Packard's role in the origins of the women's rights movement.

Favorite quote

She was torn down for it, her reputation ravaged. Yet she squared her shoulders and dusted herself off after every single setback. She went back out there to meet that hostile world, with her hoop skirts swishing and her brown eyes gleaming, ready to fight another day.

- Kate Moore

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