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The Whole Body Reset

Stephen Perrine, Heidi Skolnik

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Stephen Perrine and Heidi Skolnik show how to combat weight gain in middle age with a program that includes tailored recipes, strength exercises, and tips for protein timing and intake.


The Whole Body Reset

The Whole Body Reset

by Stephen Perrine


Many of us experience body changes as we enter middle age that seem hard to alter, despite our best efforts. Nutrition and exercise experts Stephen Perrine and Heidi Skolnik offer a science-based weight-loss program that helps you drop stubborn middle-aged pounds.

Perrine works with The American Association of Retired Persons, or AARP, as executive editor of AARP The Magazine and AARP Bulletin. Skolnik is an experienced nutritionist and exercise physiologist.

With research and methods tested by more than 100 AARP employees and approved by a board of experts, The Whole Body Reset determines the best ways to reverse middle-age weight gain, particularly belly fat. The Whole Body Reset offers easy recipes along with secrets that are evidence-based, practical, and sustainable.

Favorite quote

For all the countless diet programs that claim to 'shred' fat, 'melt' our bellies, and 'supercharge' our metabolisms, few, if any, are designed to target the specific needs of people at midlife and beyond.

- Stephen Perrine and Heidi Skolnik

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