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The Way of Integrity

Martha Beck

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Sociologist and life coach Martha Beck helps readers rediscover their truth in both their personal and professional lives — from the inside out.


The Way of Integrity

The Way of Integrity

by Martha Beck


Aligning with our integrity, our most authentic and whole self, is the only true way to happiness. But how do we stay true to ourselves when we feel pressured by society to be 'perfect?'

Martha Beck is an author and life coach who was formerly a researcher at Harvard Business School, and has taught subjects ranging from sociology to business management. Throughout her career, Beck has helped people find themselves in both personal and professional pursuits.

In this book, the author describes how difficult experiences like the birth of a son with Down Syndrome and memories of childhood abuse tested her integrity and ultimately strengthened her commitment to authenticity. Using Dante Alighieri's classic The Divine Comedy as a spiritual roadmap, Beck explains how readers can find their way back to their true nature.

Favorite quote

To be in integrity is to be one thing, whole and undivided. When a plane is in integrity, all its millions of parts work together smoothly and cooperatively. If it loses integrity, it may stall, falter, or crash. There's no judgment here. Just physics.

- Martha Beck

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