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The Vibes, They Are a Shiftin'

Feminine Chaos, Kat Rosenfield, Leigh Stein

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In this March 2022 episode of Feminine Chaos, writer Kat Rosenfield and author Leigh Stein discuss the impending 'vibe shift,' generational differences, and the death of intimacy in the modern world.


The Vibes, They Are a Shiftin'

The Vibes, They Are a Shiftin'

by Feminine Chaos


The term 'vibe' has been thrown around loosely for years to describe what energy we're looking for or are giving off in the current moment. What if we used the same term to define cultural phenomena? Feminine Chaos, hosted by writers Kat Rosenfield and author Phoebe Maltz Bovy, is a cultural and political commentary podcast that discusses today's major headlines.

In this March 6, 2022 episode, Rosenfield talks with author and poet Leigh Stein about the newly coined term 'vibe shift.' The two women discuss how major cultural movements evolve, how millennials are characterized, and whether or not the pandemic has killed intimacy in today's digital world.

Favorite quote

I think the marker of millennial culture has been the rise of this kind of Puritanical set of sensibilities in a lot of ways… it's amazing to imagine that Gen Z might do completely the opposite, intentionally thumbing their noses at all of this…

- Kat Rosenfield

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