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The Unsettling of Europe

Peter Gatrell

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Peter Gatrell tells us a new and illuminating history of Europe, charting the paths of migrants from the fall of the Third Reich to the present day.


The Unsettling of Europe

The Unsettling of Europe

by Peter Gatrell


Migration has always been at the heart of human history. Yet even in today's open and free European societies, migration is a topic that generates extreme emotional reactions.

Peter Gatrell is a Professor of Economic History at Manchester University. In The Unsettling of Europe, Gatrell examines European history through the lens of migration, from the displacement of people following the catastrophes of World War II to the refugee crisis of 2015.

Favorite quote

Migration in Europe today is another iteration of the continuous convulsions and opportunities, brought about by pressures and rivalries not only from beyond Europe but within Europe, that have characterized European history for decades.

- Peter Gatrell

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