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The Unconventional Entrepreneur

David Ramos

5 mins

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Discover how to make your mark as an entrepreneur and connect with your team and customers in this Udemy course led by writer and career adviser David Ramos.


The Unconventional Entrepreneur

The Unconventional Entrepreneur

by David Ramos


In a market where many people are offering the same type of service, it can be difficult to create unique value that will bring you closer to those you serve. And in a world where everyone is doing what's expected, what you need to serve your customers best is to be unconventional.

Fortunately, David Ramos has effective and practical tips that will help you design strategies aimed at giving your business a boost. Having learned first-hand the harsh realities of the business world, Ramos has come up with market-relevant lessons to help you better understand how to deliver value in an unconventional way. Taught by a serial entrepreneur who has helped several business owners find success, this course will equip you with the relevant knowledge to thrive in the business world — unconventionally.

Favorite quote

You make a living by what you get, but you make a life by what you give.

- David Ramos

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