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The Truth About Aging

Jason Prall, John Dahlgren, Joe Rignola

5 mins

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This episode of The Human Longevity Project explains how our modern lifestyle affects our mitochondrial health and accelerates the aging process.


The Truth About Aging

The Truth About Aging

by Jason Prall


With so many advancements in medical technology, we should be living healthier, happier, and longer lives. But according to many health experts, the current generation of American children are likely to be the first in history to live shorter lives than their parents. What happened?

The Human Longevity Project is a docuseries created by Jason Prall, a mechanical engineer turned entrepreneur and filmmaker. Co-directed by John Dahlgren and Joe Rignola, this series uses interviews with medical experts and long-lived individuals from around the world to explore important discoveries in the health optimization and lifestyle medicine fields.

In this episode, we look at the severity and high rate of chronic diseases in industrialized countries as well as the biochemical reasons behind aging. The Truth About Aging suggests that the root of our shortening life expectancy lies in our modern lifestyle.

Favorite quote

Chronically ill is a very profitable state to keep the population in.

- Tom Blue, Co-Founder at VirtualPractices

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