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The True Cost

Andrew Morgan

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In this eye-opening documentary, Andrew Morgan explores the depths and realities of sweatshops in Bangladesh, India, and other developing countries, to unravel the horrific living conditions of those who make the clothes we wear.


The True Cost

The True Cost

by Andrew Morgan


Today, fast fashion is a staple of most of our wardrobes. We consume fashion trends at a rapid speed, buying what we want when we want it – and throwing it away without a second thought when we fancy something new. Low prices are convenient and allow us to change our style with every season – but at what cost?

How have we been able to lower prices so much that shirts are sold at less than five dollars a piece? Clothing costs are lowered for what seems to be our own good, and our own pleasure. But do we have the right to buy cheap if it means that those who make these clothes can't afford their basic living expenses? In The True Cost, the seedy underbelly of fast fashion unravels itself, allowing us to take a look at our habits and expenses.

Workers in Bangladesh suffer chemical-induced illnesses while making less than 10 dollars a month. Ecosystems are destroyed, speeding up the deadly process of climate change. This is all happening right now, in front of our eyes and as a result of our own spending patterns. Demanding better working conditions for workers is as simple as learning how to consume ethically and holding fashion designers accountable. Are you ready to make a change?

Favorite quote

Most fashion brands start with a concept of a collection or a look. They don't tend to think, 'Who's gonna make the product? How can I ensure that producers or suppliers are gonna eat?'

- Safia Minney, CEO and founder of People Tree

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