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The Teenage Brain

Frances E Jensen, Amy Ellis Nutt

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Frances E. Jensen, M.D. and Amy Ellis Nutt offer a revolutionary look at the science behind the adolescent brain, perfect for anyone raising teens.


The Teenage Brain

The Teenage Brain

by Frances E Jensen


At no other point in its development is the brain more complex than in adolescence.

Dr. Frances E. Jensen, M.D., an internationally respected neurologist and public speaker, and Amy Ellis Nutt, a Washington Post science writer, come together in The Teenage Brain. The two draw on neurological knowledge, experimental data, and interesting anecdotes to explain teenage development and behavior.

This book uses concrete brain science to present new findings and dispel harmful myths about brain development, providing practical suggestions for parents and teenagers going through the vulnerable period of adolescence. The Teenage Brain is useful for teens, parents, teachers, medical students, social workers, or anyone interested in the science behind the human brain.

Favorite quote

If the human brain is very much a puzzle, then the teenage brain is a puzzle awaiting completion.

- Frances E. Jensen and Amy Ellis Nutt

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