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The Tao of Dating

Ali Binazir

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The Tao of Dating is both a spiritual and practical guide for women looking to find fulfillment and success in today's dating scene.


The Tao of Dating

The Tao of Dating

by Ali Binazir


Many of us need to rethink our approach to dating. Our mindset while dating shouldn't be about finding a particular person but a particular set of feelings. Seek out those who offer you love, peace, and contentment above all. There are plenty of strategies, both physical and mental, that can help you on your way.

Ali Binazir is a public speaker, best-selling author, and personal growth consultant. In The Tao of Dating, Binazir lays out important perspectives to maintain before dating, how to effectively search for a partner, and what to do once you find them.

Favorite quote

Release your attachment to the notion that you have to fall madly in love with someone in order to be fulfilled.

- Ali Binazir

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