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The State of Influencer Marketing: The Consumer EditionBy Influencer Marketing Talks, Cure Media, Holly Morran

In a Nutshell

This episode of the popular Influencer Marketing Talks podcast draws together consumer research and industry insights to review the current state of affairs within both the influencer marketing channel and the wider consumer landscape.

Favorite Quote

89% of brands are either already using influencer marketing or plan to really soon. So that's an extremely crowded marketplace that you need to stand out in.

Holly Morran


With an audience to beat any billboard and a connection that money can't buy, influencers are being recruited to build bridges between brands and a consumer base that is sick of sales pitches and marketing slogans.

But there are right ways to do influencer marketing — and there are wrong ways.

Agency of the year and one of the foremost companies in their field, Cure Media has been delivering data-driven influencer marketing for fashion, home and beauty brands since 2014.

In this episode of Cure Media's in-house podcast, Influencer Marketing Talks, hosts Holly Morran and Frida Ekholm look at what it really takes to stand out in this crowded environment, informed by their survey of over 1,000 consumers and 200 marketing decision-makers.

Here are the 3 key insights from this Hack

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    Influencer content is reaching consumers every day, so make sure it’s yours
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