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The SparkBy Kristine Barnett

In a Nutshell

Kristine Barnett's memoir chronicles the story of her son Jacob, who was diagnosed as autistic as a toddler but overcame limitations to become a math and science prodigy on track to win a Nobel Prize.

Favorite Quote

Celebrating your children's passions rather than redirecting them, especially when those passions don't line up neatly with a checklist for future success can feel like jumping off a cliff … But that leap of faith is necessary if your kids are going to fly.

Kristine Barnett


When day care owner Kristine Barnett's son Jacob was diagnosed with autism, experts told her he would never speak, read, or learn to tie his shoes.

Instead of forcing Jacob, nicknamed Jake, to spend most of his time trying to learn tasks he did not enjoy, Kristine nurtured his inner 'spark', with astonishing results.

The Spark chronicles a mother's story of following her instincts and nurturing her son's passions instead of focusing on his limitations.

This philosophy, along with Kristine's belief in the power of childhood play, helped Jake thrive and become a prodigy in math and science.

Here are the 3 key insights from this Hack

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    Kristine Barnett was told her son had severe autism, but she did not limit his potential
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