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The Sixth Extinction

Elizabeth Kolbert

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The Sixth Extinction summarizes how human activity has contributed to the mass extinction of species, pinpointing pivotal ways to mitigate our biggest environmental problems.


The Sixth Extinction

The Sixth Extinction

by Elizabeth Kolbert


If someone asked you what mankind's most important legacy was, what would you answer? According to Elizabeth Kolbert, our biggest legacy may well be remembered for is a mass extinction on earth. Kolbert is an environmental journalist who writes for The New Yorker and formerly served on the board of the Bulletin for Atomic Scientists. In this Pulitzer Prize-winning book, Kolbert examines the current human-induced environmental catastrophe and its impact on the planet's biosphere. But can we stop - or, at least, mitigate - the effects of what we've 'accomplished' before it's too late?

Favorite quote

As soon as humans started using signs and symbols to represent the natural world, they pushed beyond the limits of that world.

- Elizabeth Kolbert

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