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The Seven Day Mental Diet

Emmet Fox

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Originally published in 1935, this pamphlet offers a simple and proven way to drastically improve one's mental well-being by only allowing positive thoughts to enter the mind for one week.


The Seven Day Mental Diet

The Seven Day Mental Diet

by Emmet Fox


The human brain is an incredible machine capable of correcting and improving itself, but it needs the proper fuel to maximize its potential. While healthy eating is a proven way to improve one's health and mood, a positive mental diet is an even more powerful tool for us to transform our lives. With commitment and focus, we can become happier and more confident in only a week!

Emmet Fox was an Irish author, healer, and minister whose life goal was to encourage people to develop their God-like qualities.

The Seven Day Mental Diet is a practical philosophical pamphlet that has influenced psychological and religious thought since its publication in 1935. Fox explains the specific steps to controlling your thoughts and freeing yourself of predispositions, anxiety, and depression by focusing exclusively on positive thoughts diligently for one week.

Favorite quote

It is the thoughts you allow yourself to think, the subjects that you allow your mind to dwell upon, which make you and your surroundings what they are.

- Emmet Fox

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