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The Serious Guide to Joke Writing

Sally Holloway

5 mins

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The Serious Guide to Joke Writing offers actionable, practical steps, as well as theoretical advice on the craft of writing jokes.


The Serious Guide to Joke Writing

The Serious Guide to Joke Writing

by Sally Holloway


Professional comedians make joke-telling feel casual, improvised, and easy. But they only reached that level of proficiency after years of hard work to hone their craft. Writing jokes isn't about waiting for inspiration to strike. It's about applying techniques and putting the work in so you can draw inspiration out. A simple joke can take hours to craft.

Sally Holloway is a stand-up comedian, professional joke writer, and teacher. Comedians pluck out general and topical jokes that are hiding in our everyday language. In 2010's The Serious Guide to Joke Writing, Holloway explains the methods by which to find them.

Favorite quote

Once you have mastered the basics you will be able to write jokes about anything.

- Sally Holloway

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