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The Sense of Style

Steven Pinker

5 mins

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The Sense of Style helps writers better absorb and apply usage rules to avoid common pitfalls and produce a more compelling experience for readers.


The Sense of Style

The Sense of Style

by Steven Pinker


The world is full of self-proclaimed grammar experts trying to correct the grammar of others left, right, and center. But award-winning linguist and cognitive scientist Steven Pinker sees no need for all the finger-wagging. Instead, Pinker believes that style guidelines are only as valuable as they are useful.

In this book, Pinker uses cognitive science to expose common foibles that keep writers from getting their point across. The Sense of Style harnesses modern linguistics to help you develop strategies to bust bad writing habits, once and for all.

Favorite quote

The key to good style, far more than obeying any list of commandments, is to have a clear conception of the make-believe world in which you're pretending to communicate

- Steven Pinker

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