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The Secret Barrister

The Secret Barrister

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This award-winning book by an active barrister explains why the U.K. criminal justice system is broken, who broke it, and how we can fix it before it is too late.


The Secret Barrister

The Secret Barrister

by The Secret Barrister


We think we know how the criminal justice system works thanks to popular culture and the media. However, the reality of the U.K. criminal justice system couldn't be further from the slick, high-functioning courtroom dramas we've seen on TV.

The Secret Barrister has spent more than a decade in the trenches of the criminal court system, defending and prosecuting a plethora of cases as a junior barrister.

The Secret Barrister wrote their book to highlight how defendants, victims, and the public are repeatedly failed by a systemic disregard for fairness, and to convince people to care about the impact this failure has on society. In The Secret Barrister: Stories of the Law and How It's Broken, the author takes us on an intimate journey of the criminal justice system, how it has been failed, and what can be done to fix it.

Favorite quote

While in the UK the state no longer has the power to kill at the end of a criminal trial, functioning justice can still ultimately be a matter of life and death.

- The Secret Barrister

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