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The Science of Well-Being

Laurie Santos, Yale University

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This course from Yale University puts psychology into practice to build productive habits that increase your happiness and enable you to lead a more fulfilling life.


The Science of Well-Being

The Science of Well-Being

by Laurie Santos


Many of us have learned to see things like getting good grades, getting a high paying job, or having a good romantic relationship as the key to happiness. But why do so many people find happiness out of reach even once they've attained their goals? Dr. Laurie Santos is a professor of psychology at Yale University who has been featured as a TED speaker. In this course, offered through Coursera, Dr. Santos guides us through behavioral science's best practices to assess and measure changes in happiness. Through grounded research aimed at building productive habits and increasing happiness, the course helps us to become more self-aware about our baseline of happiness and learn how to increase our overall well-being.

Favorite quote

Even if you get the perfect grade, true love, and all that stuff, why aren't these things making us happy? Sometimes seeing our own thought patterns aren't as easy as we think.

- Laurie Santos

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