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The Science of Evolution

The Open University, Jonathan Silvertown

5 mins

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This course outlines the scientific evidence behind the theory of evolution, why some people still argue against it, and how their counterarguments fail to live up to scrutiny.


The Science of Evolution

The Science of Evolution

by The Open University


The theory of evolution continues to be contested by religious individuals and organizations around the world. Many proponents of creationism oppose evolution being taught in school biology classes.

This Open University course explores evolution, creationism, and the debates surrounding these opposing beliefs. The course explains the difference between scientific theories and unscientific hypotheses, outlining the relative strength of the theory of evolution. Examples from court cases show how historic disagreements about teaching evolution in schools have occurred in the U.S. public sphere.

Favorite quote

Creationism is not really a significant challenge to evolution because the scientific evidence for evolution is overwhelming.

- The Open University

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