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The Sales Bible

Jeffrey Gitomer

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In this classic sales resource text, renowned sales consultant and speaker Jeffrey Gitomer consolidates his best hints, tips, tricks, and insights.


The Sales Bible

The Sales Bible

by Jeffrey Gitomer


The modern economy is built on sales. Regardless of product, service, or industry, generating leads and closing sales is a cornerstone of any and every business. Learning how to sell effectively is one of the most sought-after skills today; over $1 trillion is spent annually on sales forces and training.

Jeffrey Gitomer is an author, renowned sales consultant, and speaker, sometimes known as The King of Sales. In The Sales Bible, Gitomer uses his four decades of experience working with companies like Coca-Cola, IBM, and BMW to help break down what makes for a great salesperson. The sales expert's insight, vision, and values will help anyone looking to generate sales, increase cash flow, and take their business to the next level.

Favorite quote

Questions are to sales as breath is to life. If you fail to ask them, you will die. If you ask them incorrectly, your death won't be immediate, but it's inevitable.

- Jeffrey Gitomer

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