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The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry

John Mark Comer

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The Ruthless Elimination Of Hurry will teach you how to slow down, relax, and live a simpler life to become happier and improve your wellbeing.


The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry

The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry

by John Mark Comer


We all go through life wishing we had more time. We hurry through our days at work or at home, and our relationships and well-being end up suffering from our inability to be present and grounded.

John Mark Comer fell prey to what he refers to as the 'hurry disease'. As the pastor of a rapidly growing church and family man, it looked like he had it all. But instead of feeling fulfilled, he started feeling increasingly stressed and exhausted. He knew that something needed to change for him to regain a sense of happiness and fulfillment. It wasn't until he started looking at the Bible from a new perspective that he found the solution to his suffering.

In The Ruthless Elimination Of Hurry: How to Stay Emotionally Healthy and Spiritually Alive in the Chaos of the Modern World, John Mark Comer tells of his transformation from a stressed out, drained leader of a megachurch, to a fulfilled pastor who made time for God and his family.

Favorite quote

Our time is our life and our attention is the doorway to our hearts.

- John Mark Comer

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