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The Road Back to You

Ian Morgan Cron, Suzanne Stabile

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The Road Back to You teaches you about who you are by identifying the pros and cons of each personality type within the Enneagram test.


The Road Back to You

The Road Back to You

by Ian Morgan Cron


The Enneagram is a personality test. Although nobody's certain of when exactly it was created, it seems to be pretty multicultural. It's been used by multiple people of different religions around the globe. But what does it tell you about yourself and how can it help you grow as an individual?

That's what Ian Morgan Cron's The Road Back to You: An Enneagram Journey to Self-Discovery is all about. Not only does this book go into each personality type in great detail, but it also gives you insight into how the types work together to make up your whole personality. This way, you'll gain more understanding of yourself and your own behaviors and will be able to approach human relationships in a healthier, more serene way.

Favorite quote

The Enneagram doesn't put you in a box. It shows you the box you're already in and how to get out of it.

- Ian Morgan Cron

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