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The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin

Nicholas Mross

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The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin is a documentary that follows computer programmer Daniel Mross as he explores the inception of Bitcoin and its exponential growth.


The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin

The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin

by Nicholas Mross


Cryptocurrency is not something that many of us know a whole lot about. We've heard terms like 'Blockchain' and 'mining' get thrown around, but how many of us actually know what it is, let alone how to use it? Since Bitcoin was established as the first ever cryptocurrency in 2009, the concept of digital financial assets has exploded. Today, you can purchase, trade, and exchange in a range of different cryptocurrencies - both online and in an ever growing number of physical stores. What was once considered ambiguous and unknown has become mainstream.

One person who has been a part of the cryptocurrency movement since the beginning is computer scientist Daniel Mross. Daniel came to realize he needed a way to help people understand what he was working on - and who better to do so than his brother, director-producer Nicholas Mross? Between the two of them, The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin was born. This documentary will guide you through the history of Bitcoin, no matter how deep your prior understanding on the subject, through interviews with some of earliest and most successful names in the business.

Favorite quote

Bitcoin will do to the banking industry what email did to the postal service. It didn't make it irrelevant. What it's forced the post office to do is concentrate on their strengths, and less so on their weaknesses.

- Mike Caldwell, President of Casascius Coins

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