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The Psychology of Money

The Tim Ferriss Show, Tim Ferriss, Morgan Housel

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This March 2022 episode of the Tim Ferriss Show features finance expert and bestselling author Morgan Housel, and takes a counterintuitive look at how money befuddles our brains.


The Psychology of Money

The Psychology of Money

by The Tim Ferriss Show


Money has a curious ability to wreak havoc on our thinking. We pursue it even though it won't fulfill us and have difficulty using it wisely. Morgan Housel, author of best-selling book The Psychology of Money and a partner at venture capital firm The Collaborative Fund, has spent his career writing about finance and how the counterintuitive laws of money can trip us up.

The Tim Ferriss Show interviews world-leading experts from diverse fields, uncovering the insights and resources that have influenced their success. In this March 2022 episode, Housel and Ferriss discuss how money confuses us, the power of compounding, and why it's OK to be irrational.

Favorite quote

It's so easy to sit back in your armchair and be like, 'oh if the market fell 20%, I would do X, Y, and Z,' and what actually happens is you don't, you do something totally different.

- Morgan Housel

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