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The Promise of Bitcoin

Bobby Lee

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In The Promise of Bitcoin, cryptocurrency entrepreneur Bobby Lee lets you in on why he believes that Bitcoin is the next step in the future of money — and how you can use it to make profits.


The Promise of Bitcoin

The Promise of Bitcoin

by Bobby Lee


Bitcoin can be utterly mystifying. Crazy price fluctuations, baffling technological jargon, and debates over the nature of money. What's actually going on?

Bobby Lee is a Bitcoin evangelist and the founder of China's first Bitcoin marketplace. In The Promise of Bitcoin, Lee explains the many advantages that Bitcoin has over traditional money, and how we can invest sensibly. For the Bitcoin aficionado, the cryptocurrency's value comes from individuals being able to transact together without needing a third party. Crypto reduces our dependence on organizations like banks whom we rely on to carry out our transactions, but who often saddle us with unfavorable terms for using their services.

With Bitcoin, governments and central banks no longer have the power to influence the value of our money. For these reasons, Lee believes Bitcoin fulfills the same function as gold: It represents a safe source of value and is, therefore, a guaranteed good investment.

Favorite quote

Bitcoin is a system that is conceptually easy to understand. What could be more elemental than two parties agreeing to a payment without the need for a third officiating body?

- Bobby Lee

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