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The Product Hunt Playbook

Nick Costelloe

5 mins

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This playbook is a guide to help you launch your new venture on Product Hunt, so you can reach the right followers at the right time with the greatest possible impact.


The Product Hunt Playbook

The Product Hunt Playbook

by Nick Costelloe


One of the most difficult things when launching a new product is not knowing whether it will succeed in an already saturated market. Although many of us may think that we have the next great idea, a lot of it has been done. Often we ask ourselves: 'Am I actually any different - let alone, better - than what's already available?'

That's where Product Hunt comes in. Founded in 2013 by Ryan Hoover, it assembles an open-minded and knowledgeable community to highlight amazing new products for the rest of the world. Beginning as a simple email list, Product Hunt has since helped to discover over 350 million products, and receives over 100,000 unique visitors each day.

But how can you catch people's attention on Product Hunt? This is where Nick Costelloe can help you. Nick Costelloe is the Content Marketing Manager of Demand Curve, a company that assists in startup growth. Based on feedback and interviews from 14 of the most successful product creators, this course can help anybody looking to use Product Hunt to their advantage, and guarantee a successful launch.

Favorite quote

The hardest thing is distribution - for any kind of product. Just getting beta users can be really difficult. But if you have an audience of people who care about what you’re doing, you now immediately have access to people to support you and what you’re building.

- Ryan Hoover, Founder of Product Hunt

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