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The Procrastination Cure

Damon Zahariades

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Productivity expert Damon Zahariades explores what causes us to procrastinate and how we can hack our daily habits to become more productive.


The Procrastination Cure

The Procrastination Cure

by Damon Zahariades


Procrastination is part of human nature. It's the universal temptation to put things off for more enticing options. But habitual procrastination leads to guilt, anxiety, and depleted productivity.

Both in his corporate job and after starting his own business, Damon Zahariades found that procrastination was holding him back. Deciding he needed to get to the root cause of his procrastination problem, Zahariades learned how to get the most out of every day, and now has a website and several books to help others do the same.

In The Procrastination Cure, Zahariades explains why we procrastinate and offers a wide variety of strategies that will help push us toward action. Curing procrastination isn't about removing our natural inclinations, but about implementing habits that overcome our procrastination tendencies.

Favorite quote

You may delay, but time will not, and lost time is never found again.

- Benjamin Franklin, inventor and polymath

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