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The Origins And History Of ConsciousnessBy Erich Neumann

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First published in 1949, this important and controversial contribution to Jungian thought studies maps out the development of humanity's group consciousness, as well as that of each individual.

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It is the task of this book to show that a series of archetypes is a main constituent of mythology, that they stand in an organic relation to one another, and that their stadial succession determines the growth of consciousness.

Erich Neumann


Around the world, the myths of different cultures have a great deal in common. In this classic piece of analytic psychology, Carl Jung's most influential student Erich Neumann argues that this is because myths express the way in which human consciousness evolves from the unconscious.

By drawing on a vast array of material, Neumann makes the claim that mythology teaches us about the way in which both the consciousness of the collective human race developed, as well as the ways in which consciousness develops within each individual over the course of their lifetime.

Aside from the psychologically therapeutic effects such information might have, Neumann also uses his theories to provide insights into the state of modern society.

Here are the 3 key insights from this Hack

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    The evolution of an individual's consciousness is related to that of humanity’s more broadly
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