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The Organized Mind

Daniel J. Levitin

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The Organized Mind teaches how to adapt our mind to modern information so that we can work efficiently without feeling exhausted.


The Organized Mind

The Organized Mind

by Daniel J. Levitin


Thirty years ago, travel agents made our reservations, clerks helped us find what we're looking for in stores, and typists helped us with writing and correspondence. Today, we're doing ourselves the jobs once delegated to ten different specialists, while also trying to keep up with our private lives.

Now the average supermarket stocks 40,000 items, while we only need 150 to satisfy 80% of our needs. So every time we do groceries we have to ignore at least 39,850 items and struggle to find the ones we want. In the meantime, thousands of words, images, and videos are uploaded and wait for us on the Internet. How can we keep up with so much information and complexity?

In The Organized Mind, cognitive psychologist and neuroscientist Daniel J. Levitin suggests we give up completely. Slowing down and focusing on what really matters, one thing at a time, are the keys to handle today's speed.

Favorite quote

People who organize their time in a way that allows them to focus are not only going to get more done, but they'll be less tired and less neurochemically depleted after doing it.

- Daniel J. Levitin

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