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The Order of Time

Carlo Rovelli

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The Order Of Time expands your mind by shattering your commonly held beliefs about time and how this concept of the mind affects us on a daily basis.


The Order of Time

The Order of Time

by Carlo Rovelli


Oftentimes, when we hear lectures or read papers from the greatest scientists, like Einstein, we end up confused or mistaken. Physics is an extremely complex topic, one that some can master and understand but that only the most skilled teachers can share in a digestible way.

The science of time is one of the most fascinating topics of physics. It allows us to better understand our relationship with the world that surrounds us. Carlo Rovelli's The Order of Time explains what relativity and time really mean so you can finally debunk these scientific concepts and better apprehend your life and that of others.

Favorite quote

The entire coming into being of the cosmos is a gradual process of disordering.

- Carlo Rovelli

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