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The Only Plane in the Sky

Garrett M. Graff

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This compelling book by bestselling historian Garrett M. Graff tells the story of the victims and survivors of the September 11 terror attacks – in their own words.


The Only Plane in the Sky

The Only Plane in the Sky

by Garrett M. Graff


Most of the world experienced September 11, 2001, through shocking images on their TV screens. But for those who witnessed the attacks in person, it was an entirely different kind of horror.

Now, award-winning journalist and historian Garrett M. Graff uniquely weaves the voices of these witnesses into a narrative of the events of the fateful day. The bestselling author draws upon transcripts, interviews, and oral histories of hundreds of first responders, government officials, survivors, and relatives of victims to tell the inside story.

The people who experienced 9/11 firsthand have incredible stories of the violence and bravery they witnessed. The Only Plane in the Sky is a deep examination of the individual experiences of those affected, as told in their words.

Favorite quote

As I zoomed in with a video camera, I saw this big gray blob basically enveloping the southern part of Manhattan. I was seeing the second tower come down.

- Frank Culbertson, NASA astronaut aboard the Space Station

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