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The One-Page Financial Plan

Carl Richards

5 mins

3 key insights

Visual, audio & text

The One-Page Financial Plan is a refreshing, fun look at personal finance, removing the feeling that financial planning is a burden for the less disciplined by showing us that we can plan our entire financial future on a single page.


The One-Page Financial Plan

The One-Page Financial Plan

by Carl Richards


Carl Richards does two things well: give people financial advice and draw funny sketches.

No matter whether you're a visual person or not, you can definitely benefit from the first, which is the result of Richards spending over 40,000 hours throughout the last 20 years as a financial advisor, working at Wells Fargo, Merrill Lynch, and many others. All of the conversations he's had and data gathering he's worked on over the years have gone into The One-Page Financial Plan, which'll help you commit to a personal finance process that works for you - so you can finally stick to it and reach your goals.

Favorite quote

People who understand interest earn it. People who don't, pay it.

- Carl Richards

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