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The Next Financial Crisis

Money Talks, The Economist, Mike Bird

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In this February 2022 episode of The Economist's Money Talks podcast, host Mike Bird and his expert guests discuss the stock market downturn in 2022, the bubble we may be in, and how financial markets have changed since the 2008 crash.


The Next Financial Crisis

The Next Financial Crisis

by Money Talks


The U.S. stock market's performance has skyrocketed since 2008's enormous crash. Even coronavirus couldn't halt the progress for long. Markets recovered after an enormous hit in March 2020, and 2021 witnessed soaring stock prices as massive government stimulus packages took effect. But in January 2022, markets took a significant hit as central banks increased interest rates to combat inflation. Investors began to wonder what would happen next.

Mike Bird is Asia business and finance editor at The Economist magazine, which produces the weekly Money Talks podcast. In this February 2022 episode, Bird hosts expert guests from The Economist, the financial industry, academia, and even Reddit to discuss the slowdown and related financial issues.

Favorite quote

The giddy bulletproof optimism of 2021's seemingly endless rise has been punctured, and the doom-mongers are having a field-day.

- Mike Bird

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