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The Multi-Hyphen Life

Emma Gannon

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Business author and podcaster Emma Gammon believes 'multi-hyphenate' careers, in which someone has more than one income or professional interest, are the future of the workplace.


The Multi-Hyphen Life

The Multi-Hyphen Life

by Emma Gannon


What would you do if you could have more than one career at a time?

Emma Gannon is a successful author of non-fiction and fiction books as well as a leading voice in conversations about creativity, work, and internet culture. Gannon's business podcast, Ctrl Alt Delete, explores what it is like to have a 'multi-hyphen' career, a term she coined.

Having many different 'side-hustles' provides workers with the freedom to work for themselves the way they want to. Multi-hyphenates recognize that they deserve the freedom to discover what jobs and talents best suit their personalities. They seek out new opportunities from a place of financial freedom — their income is not tied to any one career or employer.

Favorite quote

You are not your job title and instead should feel confident enough to move between different jobs if necessary, relying on your strategic, personal branding to funnel, organize, monetize, and schedule your work yourself.

- Emma Gannon

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