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The Money ManualBy Tonya B Rapley

In a Nutshell

Financial educator and founder of My Fab Finance Tonya B. Rapley presents her guide to achieving financial freedom, wherever you are on your financial journey.

Favorite Quote

Savings and freedom from debt come over time with dedication and commitment. By shifting your focus ... to the things money can't buy, you remove the power of 'stuff' over you.

Tonya B. Rapley


A lot of us make a mess of our finances. Even if we have other parts of our lives in order, money management is difficult and can throw us off course.

It can seem impossible to improve our financial situation. We become locked into a cycle of bad decisions, and our options become increasingly limited.

When Tonya B. Rapley, author of The Money Manual, found herself out of control of her finances, she realized she had to throw everything at improving her situation.

Gradually, as things improved, Rapley began sharing her knowledge with others, eventually becoming a successful entrepreneur and financial educator.

Rapley's inspiring story shows us that, with dedication and a good plan, financial freedom is within our reach.

Here are the 3 key insights from this Hack

  1. 1.
    Financial freedom is achievable even if you don’t make much money
  2. 2.
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