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The Magic of Math

Arthur T. Benjamin

5 mins

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The Magic of Math shows you not only the power but the beauty of mathematics, unlike you've ever seen it in school and with practical, real-world applications.


The Magic of Math

The Magic of Math

by Arthur T. Benjamin


Did you enjoy math in school, or hate it? A lot of us found it to be a difficult subject that took a lot of brain power and messy workings. These days, more and more young people struggle even to make a rough estimate of their grocery bill before getting to the cashier, let alone quickly multiply numbers in their head.

Arthur Benjamin is here to help change that. His book, The Magic of Math, is here to help reignite a love and admiration for math, so that maybe we can all start to challenge our brains with logic, and enjoy the process of doing so.

Favorite quote

The methods taught in school are fine for doing maths on paper, but they are generally poor for doing maths in your head.

- Arthur Benjamin

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