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The Laws of Wealth

Daniel Crosby

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The Laws of Wealth reverses old and flawed investment wisdom, which clings to the notion that people are rational and always make sound investing decisions, and instead teaches investing strategy from a real-world perspective.


The Laws of Wealth

The Laws of Wealth

by Daniel Crosby


You passed on shares of Netflix when they were $70 and now you kick yourself when you see them at $600. It's not too late to buy, right? Wrong. That pull to get in on a good investment even when it's too late is one of the emotional psychological pitfalls that sucker you into poor investment decisions.

Psychologist and behavioral finance specialist Daniel Crosby wants to talk you off the ledge and set you on a realistic, actionable path to sound personal investing. Crosby's investment path acknowledges you're a human being, not an emotionless, logical automaton.

In The Laws of Wealth: Psychology and the Secret to Investing Success, Crosby shares his expertise on the psychology of investing for the long term. With experience in asset management, Crosby combines his academic and Wall Street knowledge to help you make the best investment decisions for your lifestyle and habits.

Favorite quote

If you're excited, it's probably a bad idea.

- Daniel Crosby

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