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The Introvert's Complete Career Guide

Jane Finkle

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The Introvert's Complete Career Guide will teach those who have a hard time getting out of their shell how to gain confidence when navigating the workplace - from job interviews to office relationships.


The Introvert's Complete Career Guide

The Introvert's Complete Career Guide

by Jane Finkle


Does the thought of having to socialize at a networking event give you anxiety? Do you have trouble speaking up and adding to the conversation when you're in a group setting? Or maybe when it comes to your annual employee evaluation, you find yourself too modest to talk about the great things you've done this year and you let a well-deserved raise slip through your fingers. If you can relate to any of these situations, you're probably an introvert.

Introverts possess many great qualities, such as great listening and observational skills and a more reflective nature. But when it comes to the competitive environment of today's workplace, their reservation and modesty can put them at a disadvantage against their more outspoken peers. But don't worry introverts! The Introvert's Complete Career Guide is an invaluable how-to for navigating the workplace as an introvert and using your natural qualities to your competitive advantage.

Jane Finkle has been a career consultant for over two decades and helps people reach their full professional potential. She gives practical, supportive advice on how to do everything from networking and interviewing to ensuring you thrive as an introvert at your job.

Favorite quote

Contrary to popular belief, introverts are not necessarily shy or antisocial. Instead, they are often sharp observers and listen well.

- Jane Finkle

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