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The Immortality Key

Brian C. Muraresku

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The Immortality Key digs into the spiritual functions of psychedelics and how psychoactive substances might have inspired the founders of today's great religions.


The Immortality Key

The Immortality Key

by Brian C. Muraresku


Is it true that the Ancient Greeks used drugs to discover God? Is it possible that the early Christians inherited the same tradition? Since ancient times, there has been a profound understanding of psychedelic drugs passed down from generation to generation.

Brian Muraresku studied Latin, Greek, and Sanskrit at Brown University before moving on to law. As the executive director of Doctors for Cannabis Regulation, Muraresku represented the first professional athlete in the United States to seek a therapeutic use exemption for cannabis.

In this book, the author explores science, ancient myths, and biblical studies to unearth the key to eternal life, arguing that the study of psychedelics is to mysticism as theology is to God.

Favorite quote

So long as we do not die to ourselves, and so long as we are identified with someone or something, we shall never be free.

- Attar of Nishapur, Persian pharmacist, poet, and mystic

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